Wednesday, November 22, 2006

KOTOR # 6, pg 14-15

I was just looking at some of my old pages and realized I've never shared this one. This was the original version of page 14-15 from issue #6.

It's the scene where the Masters get freaked out by the "Jedi" in the red space suit. The change is in the first panel-- we have a bigger shot and catch a tiny glimpse of the skylight above and the figure about to fall through.

The big thing here was that the red space suit was supposed to come crashing through and really scare the hell out of the Jedi Masters. At the same time we wanted to make sure it was a surprise to the readers. But I was concerned that we weren't showing enough before the big impact so that's why I made panel 1 show so much. After some discussion with the creative team, we decided to re-size and crop panel 1 so that we don't see the space suit figure until panel 2. Part of me likes the change and part of me still wonders if it was the right thing to do.


KOTOR #14 Cover, part 2

Sorry for the delay since the last post. Here's the finished pencil version of the cover. as you can see, one small (actually it's kind of big) change is that Gryph is now holding a blaster. This was something that got suggested during the approval process so I went with it and gave him something small enought to fit into one of his many pouches. Plus I gave it a little cable attachment, something similar to what officers had during on of the World Wars. Although I'm not thrilled about the change, I am still extremely happy that we finally have Gryph on a cover.

You can see the finished version over on the Dark Horse website. Click HERE.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

KOTOR #14, Cover part 1

I usually need to submit about 3 roughs for covers. From there, I wait for approval and for notes before proceeding to the finished piece. This was the rough that got approved for KOTOR #14.

I had been wanting to do a Gryph cover for sometime so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. He's such a great character to draw-- so completely different from any other character we have out there. We're used to the classic heroic proportions of someone like Lucien-- tall, muscualr, very Greek statue like. But here we have a pear-shaped, scheming, self centered, fast talking Alien that's become a favorite of the creative team. You can never go too far with him. Well, like I said, he deserves a cover and I also realized we haven't featured Elbee on a cover either. John refers to Elbee as the crew's muscle, you can think of him as a bodyguard or enforcer. So that's why I've placed the two of them here.