Friday, October 08, 2010

Thor, part 4


Blogger Alberto said...

Ufff...! beatifull work; and is very important and valuable to see how the process of artwork (always particular to each artist) on a professional level.
When will you post more ilustrations about Galactus? the hope!
Best wishes.


11:18 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

That is an awesome drawing of Thor.

I did a very similar drawing of Thor a couple of years ago... but yours is much better (...I'm going to go practice now).

Your work is great and inspiring, I really enjoy seeing it and will buy comics simply because you're on the art team.

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Benoit said...


It's a beautiful piece indeed; I like the way you handle light and shadows.

I double the Alberto's update: thanks a lot for the step-by-step.

If it's possible, could you please post the sketch below the final page during this light box step? this step is a kind of clean up above a detailled sketch or it's still a creative step for you?

Thanks in advance for your answer

10:35 AM  

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