Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thor, part 0

Okay, here's the rough underneath. Let me explain. I do a rough drawing of all my pages on 11 x 17 inch copy paper. It's cheap, it's thin and it holds ink from pen and sharpies pretty well. I figure out all my anatomy and some of my lighting on that before I tape a fresh piece of bristol art board on top. The image you see here is both the rough and the art board on top, and all of if it on top of a lit lightbox.



Anonymous Benoit said...

Thanks a lot for the image. There is much rendering work done between the rough and the art page, and your lines keep freshness.

Regarding the light box, I have a very practical question: do you keep the light box always switch on while drawing, or do you sometimes switch it off to keep spontaneity (or almost always switch off :-) )?
I find hard to keep creativity with lines already traced: how does it work for you?

And do you always draw an initial rough at the same size as the final page? I was wondering this because some artists draw their rough on a smaller board and xerox it at final size before light box.
Maybe it's more useful for panels, to have a global view.

Thanks again

10:10 AM  
Blogger BrianChing said...

Good questions. I keep my table light on while lightboxing. This helps me see the top image, the fresh one, more clearly. And I have a finger on the lightbox switch and am constantly switching it on and off. I am not just tracing, I am making many corrections as I draw on the fresh sheet. Basically using the marker rough underneath as a guide.

In actuality, this is pretty much the 4th time I am drawing this page. First in thumbnail form, then in full size rough with pencil. Then go over the rough with markers and pens. Then the final drawing. Since I know I will be drawing so much and making so many adjustments, I go as quickly as I can during the rough and marker stages. I try and work instinctively and just throw down lines as quickly as I can without second guessing myself.

As far as doing the rough full size, that's just a preference thing. I prefer drawing large, it's easier for me.

Thanks for your questions!

1:48 PM  

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