Friday, November 18, 2005

Interesting week

A lot going on this week. My beloved (although hated by the rest of the world) Lakers had their ups and downs. I'm a big NBA and Tennis fan so it's been hard for me to watch my team struggle so much. And yet at the same time, my favorite Tennis player in the world, Roger Federer, is back to his usual dominant self at the Masters in Shanghai. For those who don't know, this tournament is the final one of the year and the top 8 players in the world are invited to compete. I believe the prize money for the winner is $ 2 million and Federer has won this even the last two years.

My favorite TV show, Arrested Development, got cancelled :(

Anyhow, here are some select sketches from my little sketchbook. To warm up before work ( or just for fun) I do these super qucik sketches-- no more than 5 minutes long. It's just to loosen up, nothing special. And I like to do them in pen so I am fully committed to whatever lines I put down. This week, I've been experimenting with ball point pen to get more gradation. The first one is Kenobi from memory. the 2nd is looking at a photo. The 3rd is a cariature of my dog-- he really isn't that mean though. And the last was me experimenting with sketching on my Wacom tablet. I still don't have a great feel for it and it's a little odd for me to be staring at a monitor but it was interesting to see how close the digital stuff can emulate pencil lines.

For anyone interested there are two previews going around of KOTOR #1. The first is at the Dark Horse website and the other is at the Official Star Wars site (but you need a membership). Each of them has a 4 page preview of the book-- that means 8 free pages floating out there and you don't even need to buy it!


Blogger Grant Gould said...

Hey, man -- I love your blog! I'm a fellow SW artist too, though not on the comics (I did Ep3 cards for Topps). I've been a big fan of your stuff, and I'm lookin' forward to the new book :)

And I feel your pain about "Arrested Development." Seems like every show I fall in love with gets cancelled (Farscape, Ed, Carnivale, Arrested Development..) Fortunately I still have Battlestar and Lost. If I lose those, I'm jumpin' off a bridge. heh

Talk to ya later, man -

2:47 AM  

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