Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Raana Tay

Here's a look at Raana Tay, our Togruta Jedi. Obviously she's the same species as Shaak Ti from the Prequels. The difference here, and this may differ from our writer's opinion, is that Raana is the "Wolverine" of our group. I'm talking old school Wolverine, not the sensitive girly one we see today. The Wolverine that kills first and can go into a berserker's rage at any moment. I know-- it's very out of character for a Jedi Master to be that way but that's how I envision her. When we've seen her in the book, she usually is squinting and angry. There are so many characters in the book it's hard to show her growling and sniffing around but I may get a chance to throw that in at some point.

BTW, KOTOR#3 comes out this Wednesday. The small pic is a mini preview of that issue. More soon...


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Arrested Development in limbo

My favorite TV showfor the last 2 1/2 years has been Arrested Development. The people over at FOX did such a horrible job of promoting it that I missed the last 4 episodes. The show, despite being critically acclaimed and having a strong loyal following, has had such poor ratings that FOX just let it sort-of die (apparentley they aired the last 2 episodes the same night as the Olympic ceremonies). Not really sure why but it just couldn't find an audience. The latest rumors I heard is that Showtime is interested but they are waiting to see if the creator of the show even wants to continue making it. And there is no word on the DVD release of the 3rd season yet so I found this link over at youtube.com. It has a montage of my favorite character, GOB. Check it out HERE. It still cracks me up and will have to do for now.


Monday, March 20, 2006

Jedi Master Lucien

I forgot to mention in my last two posts-- All the color work you see on these designs are by our KOTOR colorist, MIKE ATIYEH.

Well, as the heading says this is Jedi Master Lucien.... more soon

Friday, March 10, 2006

Almost Gryph

Gryph was originally meant to be another species-- that little blue Max Rebo guy who played some sort of keyboard in ROTJ. Here's a little doodle of him and below that is my first attempt at drawing a Snivvian-- atrocious isn't it.

Next to that is the final Gryph sketch-- much better and closer to what finally made it to the interior pages.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


This is the final character design I did for Zayne. He was the only character in KotOR that I didn't really struggle with at all. He pretty much came out right as I was sketching him. The trick here was to try and make him look somewhat familiar to us without ever having seen him before. He had to look like he belonged in the Star Wars world. My only real condition when creating him (and the rest of the Jedi) was I didn't want anyone to have the big brown robes that they all wear in the Prequels. It looks like it would be a pain to move around in and I never understood why they didn't always remove them when fighting. Also, I had spent so much time drawing them in Obi-Wan and Anakin in their robes on previous projects that I was a little tired of it-- it always gets in the way!

As the series has gone on and I'm getting more accustomed to drawing Zayne, you'll see some changes here are there. No more decorative gauntlet on his left forearm. He's a lot shorter now than in this sketch. I've also tried to round out his face just a tad to make him look a bit younger-- I've always had problems with that but I think it's getting better.