Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spidey in color!

Here's the finished colors by Mike Atiyeh-- this piece was a Birthday gift for his nephew, I hope he likes it. I just saw the movie a little while ago... eh, not my favorite movie. I caught myself yawning a lot, which can't be a good thing. I think I'm just getting older and outgrowing action movies. I find myself getting bored at them lately. But it's made a ton of money so we'll probably see more of them in the next decade.

Back to the colors on this piece-- I love 'em! Mike and I have been working together for a couple of years now and I think this is one of the best we've done. For anyone that I've done a commissioned piece for in the past year, Mike is available for a color commission. Just let me know if you're interested and I can pass on your info.



Anonymous Quinnocent-Till-Sith said...

Why don't people comment on your Marvel art? I like them. ;)

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks awesome -- Jack (Mike's nephew) is going to love it! He is only 3, but a major Spidey fan!!!! We are going to get both (black & white and colored) framed and put up in his room.

Thanks so much,

Jack's Dad

9:12 PM  
Blogger BrianChing said...

Quinn-- Thanks, I'm glad that at least you like them :)

Jack's Dad-- Thanks! It was a blast to draw- I hope Jack digs it. Let's hope Jack's not like me and doesn't try to get bitten by a Spider so that he can get super powers :)


11:45 PM  

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