Sunday, February 25, 2007

Revan... in color

I did this sketch of Revan ( I think it was at the end of last Summer?) and here it is with a beautiful color job by Mike Atiyeh. Wow, doesn't it look purdy? I think it looks awesome-- he makes me like I can draw.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy $#*!*

As the proud owner of the initial sketch, can I just say that this made my jaw drop? Your sketch is gorgeous and has pride of place, but my goodness, this is BEAUTIFUL. Kudos to you, and kudos as well to Mike Atiyeh, who really can make color sing! Ok, ok, this inspires me...I need to redo the vambraces on my armor this weekend. See? Inspired by art!

I'd love to see this bigger, to really enjoy the color job.

Which reminds to the comic book store this evening to pick up the next issue of KOTOR! Hooray!

- Carolyn, Very Impressed :)

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh. If I had actually clicked on the image before sending my first comment, I would have realized there is a large image linked to it.

It's just awesome - great job!!!

- Carolyn

4:29 PM  
Blogger BrianChing said...

Hey Carolyn,

So glad you liked it, it is quite beautiful isn't it. Mike did this piece for fun, just something to noodle at between projects. Now just imagine if we had a Revan mini-series!


2:02 AM  
Anonymous Chris Harris said...

Revan is my the best character star wars has created and thei is with out a doubt the best picture of Revan, Ching dude, you da man............

10:34 AM  
Anonymous chris harris said...

my spelling is so s**t because im so drunk, still i lkove this pic (hik).

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Imagine if we had a Revan mini-series..."

You are an evil guy, you know that? Hey, I have no doubt Revan'll show up one day in the KOTOR comic AS Revan. I'm prepared to wait...after all, it's not like I'm not enjoying the comic on its own merits anyway. :)

And yeah, the combination of the original drawing plus the coloring = yummy. Thanks for the redo on costume armor is progressing mostly thanks to seeing this pic. Got my rear in gear.

- Carolyn

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Dark Chap said...

Such a great piece of art surely deserves a place in the KotOR comic book, even if we still have some time to wait before Revan reveals himself in the plot, if he does...

Dark Chap, a French fan

1:37 PM  

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