Monday, May 30, 2005

This one is Page one of Obsession #4. It's probably my favorite page of the book (maybe the series) because it resonates with what will happen in EP III. It's that last time they swordfight as friends (sniffle). Click here.

You can see ( in the close-up) the bandage on Obi-Wan's right hand and tiny wounds healing on Obi-Wan's face. I used to kid with my editor that we were constantly beating up on poor Obi-Wan, always putting him in explosions and having him thrown around. It was amazing that he even survived the Clone Wars. Also, you can see in the last few issues of Obsession I got away from the tiny cross-hatching on the character's faces. Hatching was meant as a way to give the faces lighting and dimension when only using solid black lines. Since we were printing directly from the pencils and skipping inks, I realized I didn't need to do the hatching anymore and just shade there faces in directly. The drawback is that it is way more time consuming and sometimes, your work will not even show up if the colorist paints stongly over it.

You can also there are waaaaay tooooo many cracks and rust spots on the floor and walls---sheesh, what was I thinking? I actually didn't realize that until just now, maybe 6 months after I drew it. Sometimes it's hard to catch your mistakes when you are so close to the work.


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