Saturday, February 17, 2007

waaay back in kotor #11

I think this might be my favorite issue of the series so far, at least for the issues I have worked on. I was able to totally re-invent Camper and Jarael for this storyline. As you can see in the character design sheet, I based Camper a little bit on Mr Peanut-- I gave him a monocle and the curled up "handle bars" mustache from the 1930's. For Jareal, it was time to give her a more polished and hopefully elegant loook-- the trick was to not make her look too comfortable in it though, she is basically a short fused tomboy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hadn't made the Mr. Peanut connection before. But, now I have, and I will never be able to get it out of my head when I see Camper. Argh! LOL!

Glad KOTOR is remaining fun for you - it's certainly remaining fun for your readers!

- Carolyn

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