Thursday, January 26, 2006


Okay, so Knights of the Old Republic is finally out there. Yesterday I completed my semi-regular ritual of buying my own issue at the comics store instead of waiting for the freebies I get from Dark Horse Comics a while later. It was a ritual that I picked up from a mentor of mine, Dave Finch, when I was a penciling assistant. He took pride in the fact that he could walk into a comic store and pick up an issue that he had actually worked on-- it was something he always thought about doing before he became a pro. Anyways, I guess I picked up on that and adopted his ritual. So if there's anyone who lives near the Pasadena area and likes signed stuff, I signed about 20-25 copies of KOTOR at the Comics Factory. It's a great comic store and has a bunch of good guys to help you out.

Above is a pic of two versions of the Snivvian species-- one from the original SW movie, A New Hope and the other by me from KOTOR#1. As you can probably tell, I took artistic license with him and made him a little "cuter" than the movie version. C'mon, that movie one is pretty ugly right? And what is he? A pig, a hippo?



Anonymous Brian Gates said...

Yo Brian,
Great job with KOTOR #1! Loved the art, especially the last 2 pages!

Keep up the great work.

Brian, TUCWS

5:57 PM  
Blogger BrianChing said...

Thanks, Brian! I think you'll like the next issue-- things really get rolling in that one ( a lot more action). Hope things are going well over at TUCWS.

Take care,


3:31 PM  

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