Friday, January 20, 2006

KOTOR's creative team...

For any fans of the Dark Horse Star Wars line on Comics, or fans of the Expanded Universe in general, or just fans of comic books-- our first issue of Knights of the Old Republic hits the stands next Wendesday (Jan 25th). The whole creative team is really excited about it all and I just wanted to mention who is exactly on the creative team.

First up is our writer, John Jackson Miller. He's a big dog over at Krause Publications-- they produce the Comic Buyer's Guide (CBG) and Scrye (it's a gamer's guide). He's also written a couple of titles over at Marvel -- Iron Man and Crimson Dynamo. John brings a lot to our book-- he has a real love for the Original Star Wars movies and he's trying to bring that flavor to KOTOR. That broad range of characters that don't always get along, that sort of vibe. Check out John's site.

Next is our colorist, Mike Atiyeh. Mike has been doing great things with the colors on this book. He's had a hand in finishing off all the character and prop designs for KOTOR. It's hard for me to descibe how happy I get when Mike sends me the finished colors for each page. When I hand it in it looks something like this:

And after Mike gets through with it, it looks like this. Pretty damned cool, huh? Anyhow, that's pretty much my reaction when I get the pages back. In addition to working on KOTOR, Mike will also be working on the DC comic, Warlord, with Bart Sears ( very cool!).

Our covers are being handled by Travis Charest. Can't tell you how psyched I am that Travis is doing our covers! Thanks to guys like him and Adam Hughes, who keep raising the quality of comic art, I can maintain my inferiority complex. Be sure to check out his artwork at this site. Here are his first two covers!




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i'm really excited to pick up the issue :) everything i've seen just looks great, man!

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