Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mob Scene

Here's the big angry mob from KOTOR # 6. Easily one of the most fun pages I've ever drawn, not only because we get to see Zayne and Valius, but because we get this huge crowd of people-- some new faces but also a few that we've seen from previous issues.

In the first panel, there's a Taris Cop at the bottom middle. A few figures to the right of him is the gas mask wearing, "dog" walking alien from issue #1 (btw, it's supposed to be a Boga type animal from Ep III he's walking ). And just a couple of heads over to the right again is the top of the head of the Besalisk (Dexter Jettster type alien) who ran the restaurant/banquet hall that Zayne fell into in issue #1-- I did screw up and forgot to ask our colorist to indicate that, because the color is a tad bit off, but it is him.

After all of that, I threw in some of my friends from the local comic store in Pasadena. I put their pics at the bottom of this entry. They may not look exactly like their photos but I think they got a kick out of it. I need to find ways to fit in the members of the KOTOR creative crew next. Maybe John J Miller, Jeremy Barlow, and Mike Atiyeh can be bounty hunters!


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