Saturday, November 04, 2006

KOTOR #14, Cover part 1

I usually need to submit about 3 roughs for covers. From there, I wait for approval and for notes before proceeding to the finished piece. This was the rough that got approved for KOTOR #14.

I had been wanting to do a Gryph cover for sometime so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. He's such a great character to draw-- so completely different from any other character we have out there. We're used to the classic heroic proportions of someone like Lucien-- tall, muscualr, very Greek statue like. But here we have a pear-shaped, scheming, self centered, fast talking Alien that's become a favorite of the creative team. You can never go too far with him. Well, like I said, he deserves a cover and I also realized we haven't featured Elbee on a cover either. John refers to Elbee as the crew's muscle, you can think of him as a bodyguard or enforcer. So that's why I've placed the two of them here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! A Gryph cover!!!! I love seeing that guy, and he definitely deserves a cover of his very own! :)

I am off on a vacation out of country, and I have designated a friend to pick up and keep safe the next KOTOR for me when it comes out. Because yes, I enjoy it THAT much. :)

- Carolyn

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