Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Witchblade cover

- I have a ton of FedEx boxes in my studio. It's where I keep a lot of my artwork, preliminaries, sketches, originals, whatever. It all tends to stay in these boxes. They're the perfect size for my artwork and I'm a little lazy update my storage system. Anyhow, I recently found a bunch of my older Top Cow stuff from years ago (things that I forgot were there due to my poor archiving skills) -- my cover to the Witchblade # 1/2 , I know, it's weird to number something as a half issue but this was Top Cow and Wizard's way of putting something out that wasn't a full 22 page story and offer it as a mail-order only item.

Well, this was my favorite cover and after all these years I'm finally ready to let it go. Click on my other blog if you're interested.




Blogger spinkick said...

Hi Brian -- I've always loved all the work you did for Top Cow back in the day. Any chance you ever do commissions?

11:26 PM  
Anonymous DaleSabers said...

Mr Ching,
Could you possibly be interested in making a donation to the London Rogues Star Wars event in London Ontario. Many of us are fans of your art work that you've done and one of us actually dresses up as Zayne (jedi version) for when we go to childrens hospitals and events. Please contact me for more details

6:07 PM  

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