Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wolverine/Colossus update

A collector was interested in this piece and asked for some minor changes. As I started working on it, I went over it again and started retouching it here and there-- something inevitable I know. I started to add more smoke around Colossus and even coming off of his body. I tweaked his left fist to make it a tad bit smaller. I also added some more contrast to the background. I gotta say, I'm actually quite happy with the changes.



Anonymous Byron Hamm said...

Nice update on the piece Brian. Did the collector end up picking it up?

Also nice to see you back on the blog. I am anxiously awaiting the Force Unleashed Graphic Novel to see you in print again. It's been a while!

8:20 AM  
Blogger BrianChing said...

Hey Byron,

Funny you should ask-- he just backed out of buying it. Kind of disappointing after all the extra time spent with it.

The stuff Mike Atiyeh is doing on the Force Unleashed book is amazing-- the best work of his career so I'm super excited for people to see it.



9:10 PM  

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