Monday, July 18, 2005

Okay, it's safe to talk about our new project now... KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC! It was officially announced at this past weekend's San Diego Comic-Con and here is the promo-piece I did for the announcement. It showcases some of our major characters-- I still can't talk too much about who's who yet but it gives you a little glimpse into our ensemble. I've been working on this book the last couple of months ( right after I finished issue #35 of Empire in May) doing character designs mostly and now finishing up certain parts of the first issue. The series is written by John Jackson Miller-- he pretty much created all these characters and he and Dark Horse have been letting me design the visuals. Here's a larger scan of the piece.

The last couple of years was a race to cover all the key moments of the Clone Wars. So many battles and so many Jedi got slaughtered and it was great fun for me but it's time for a change of pace and KOTOR is going to have all the FUN stuff of the original movie. Funny characters, scoundrels, heroes, etc-- we'll be getting away from the very stoic and proper mannerisms of the Jedi and cover a much broader range of characters.

I'm going to organize some of the roughs and layouts I did for the promo piece to give people an idea of the process...


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